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Rima Nayak

Hobbies : Group games,playining with balls,Listening song. , Health condition : Normal, Father's Occupation : Daily Laborer


Please call us at (+91) 9437-628-251 to speak with a VISHWA JYOTI representative.
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Name: Rima Nayak

ID NO: VJ OD 0078

Mother: Nayana Nayak

Father: Sikhara Nayak

Gender: Female

Age: 9

Date of Birth: 16/05/2007

Register Date: 30/09/2016

Religion: Hindu

Future Plan: NA

$ 38.00(Food, Hygiene, Uniform, Study materials, Medical expenses, School Fees…etc.)

Rima Nayak is an active child. Due to her father health problem he is unable to go for work regularly but her father is going to work very rarely. So now a day they don’t have any other source of income. Her mother is not able to afford for the daily needs and expenses of three children including Rima.

All the community people’s economical condition is very poor including Rima's family and It is observe that due to lack of proper treatment and malnutrition and nestle the mother gives inmature birth to the infant which caused lead to the dangerous future of the innocent infant.


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