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Children need your help!

Volunteers like you are changing the world one child at a time by contributing your valuable time and talents. Whether you volunteer at a VishwaJyoti concert, festival or Vishwa Jyoti’s headquarters, you’ve got countless ways to make a difference! Choose your act today and help to release children from poverty.

Volunteer at Vishwa Jyoti's Partnered Events

You can help connect a child with a loving sponsor and raise awareness of public about children in poverty at the events held in different parts of the country. It could be a large-scale outdoor festival or a concert at a local coffee shop

Volunteers have the opportunity to encourage participants to sponsor a child of their own or donate to a specific need. Being an event volunteer doesn’t require much training, and it enables you to help others discover how they can change lives!

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Volunteer at Vishwa Jyoti's Headquarters

When you volunteer at Vishwa Jyoti headquarters, you make a real and lasting impact by helping us serve children in poor communities more effectively! There’s so much you can do, using your specific skills, interests and abilities.

For up to twenty hours per week or as few as six hours per month, you can volunteer in India to make a difference in children’s lives wherever Vishwa Jyoti serves.

Volunteer Opportunities to serve include:

  • Process Sponsor & Child Letters - Vishwa Jyoti-assisted children and their sponsors exchange more than 4 million letters a year!
  • Support Print Campaigns/Mailings
  • Data Entry
  • Call Reps for Mobilized Partner Care
  • Give Building Tours
  • Event Planning & Hospitality
  • Prepare Event Materials
  • Internet Research
  • Editing & Copywriting
  • Transcription or Archiving

HOW TO APPLY: Join our headquarters Team!

Volunteer in a Leadership Role

Do you feel called to invest more of yourself into changing the lives of children in poverty? Check out the opportunities on this page, and see if serving in one of these roles would fit your strengths and interests. These roles are critical to a non-profit like Vishwa Jyoti and makes it possible to better help children in poverty.

What makes a Volunteer Leadership role unique? A few things:

  • • These roles may involve acommitment term of 6 months to 2 years.*
  • • Leaders serve closely with a manager, who engages, equips and enriches them as they serve.
  • • Leaders receive more regular information and communications.
  • • Leaders serving in these roles may be outfitted with the necessary tools to fulfil duties or tasks directly related to the role.
  • • Many of these roles are nationally based, and some may require travel at times. **
  • • These roles may require professional level skill sets (training is provided for all roles).
  • • Depending on term commitments and the functional complexities of each role - Volunteer Leadership may be asked to participate in national, regional, or local training events. Generally, roles with term commitments of 1 year or longer are required to participate. ***

Releasing children from poverty is a team effort. It takes thousands of faithful people, responding to many specific callings, to be the hands and feet of God. Come play a deeper role in impacting children in poverty around the world.

About Vishwa Jyoti

‘VISHWA JYOTI’ is a registered organization to serve the poor and marginalised in the society Formed by a group of like-minded people whose heart beats for the poorest of the poor,destitute, orphans, widows, widowers and the neglected of the society. However, the organization is working among the poor mostly,in the rural areas including several indigenous people groups living in remote parts of the country in Odisha and beyond including the Himalayan the belt since 1979. However Vishwa Jyoti came to the lime light only after its registration under the society registration Act of the government of India as Vishwa Jyoti in 1994 and has ever since been serving among the poor and leading them from darkness, towards the light of knowledge, awareness and self-reliance.

Contact Details

Address :Vishwa Jyoti Road
At-Paradise Compound
Po- P.N.College-752057, Mokunda Prosad By Pass
Dist.- Khordha (Odisha) India
Contact No : (+91) 9437628251

Post Box Address:
Post Box : 191
Bhubaneswar, Odisha
Postal Code: 751001