Things To Know About Sponsoring a Child


Regardless of how long you've been sponsoring a child, whether you're a new sponsor or a long-time sponsor, we expect that you'll appreciate what follows.

We asked our some of our employees and sponsors to share the most important things they thought you should know about sponsoring a child, and what things they most wished they had known when they first began sponsoring a child. What follows is their collective wisdom.

But first we want to say thank you.

  • You are an example of the goals that the child is now able to dream of.
  • Behind each letter you receive there is always a hopeful child waiting for a word of encouragement.
  • Many children feel discouraged when they don’t receive letters from their sponsors and other children do. Children feel so much more motivated when they receive letters. It makes them feel loved, motivated and encouraged to keep at the Vishwa Jyoti program. The children and their families treasure the letters as very valuable items.
  • Poverty does more than rob a child of his or her physical life; the child loses his or her God-given sense of dignity and self-worth. Children in poverty miss out on the understanding that God created and loves them. Sponsoring a child helps rebuild a child’s sense of God-given value, and meets his or her economical, emotional,moral,mental physical,educational,holistic developmental and relational needs.
  • Writing consistently is important! It will take some time (possible a year or two) to establish a good “flow of conversation” between you and your child.
  • Not all sponsored children will be engaged in the program the same way. Each child and culture is different with different backgrounds and ideals. For example, try not to compare how often your friend’s sponsored child writes vs. how often your child writes you.
  • Your sponsorship may be a different experience than what you initially think it will be. And you may never know the full impact your sponsorship has on your child’s life.
  • When writing to your sponsored child, please make sure your sponsor number and the child's number are included on the letter. This saves us hours of research in determining which child to send the letter to.
  • Write to your child often. Short frequent letters are better than yearly updates. And keep in mind it may take several months to receive a response due to shipping, customs, translation, etc.
  • The two things that are far more important than your financial commitment to sponsoring a child are your prayers and your letters. The children look at the sponsorship as a relationship. When they don’t get letters and they regularly write them, it gets very discouraging. They want to know you.
  • Having a current email address or cell phone number on file allows us to share important sponsorship information with you more quickly, eliminating the need to wait for mail to arrive. And in cases we need to share crisis information affecting your child, getting that information to you as quickly as possible is our goal.
  • Always know that whatever level of engagement you have with the child you are sponsoring, you are making a difference in his or her life. Stay the course. The fruit of sponsoring a child takes time; it is not an overnight matter. It takes steady, consistent support and prayer.

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